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Green Wall at BirdLife Netherlands

In dense urban environments, were there isn’t a lot of open space for habitat, pioneering urban ecologists have been constructing green walls of vegetation to serve as habitat and improve the air quality and thermal properties of the city.  This week BirdLife Netherlands unveiled their own new green wall, complete with a Great Tit nesting box, as urban bird habitat at their offices in Zeist.  Here’s a local Dutch news story with more picture of the wall and nest box (use Google translate to read it in English) .

Urban Bird Conservation For Birds and People

BirdLife Netherlands has published the proceedings of an Urban Bird Conservation workshop held last year in Auckland, New Zealand as part of the International Congress on Conservation Biology.  I was privileged to be a part of the workshop, and was one of the authors of the report.   Included in the report are suggestions for urban bird conservation priorities and approaches as determined by the workshop participants from around the globe.

You can download the report below (.pdf)

Urban Bird Conservation: For Birds and People